The WU2017 torch relay was tested in Almaty

A dress rehearsal of the 28th Winter Universiade torch relay has taken place in Almaty. The test event totally recreated the actual torch’s journey.

The organizers conducted technical rehearsal of torch lighting, tested the transportation case in which the official carrier “Air Astana” will transfer 15 cauldrons to Almaty from regions of the country.В рамках тестовой Эстафеты Огня в Алматы зажжен факел Универсиады

Transportation carrier of the torch relay – “Virazh” company formed a convoy of commercial vehicles, named “Gaz”, which will allow to optimize the amount of transport and shorten the length of convoy almost twice during the torch relay on January 2017.

The test relay brought together representatives of all regions involved in the torch relay. Over 30 regional managers observed the work of torchbearers.

Torchbearers’ group is formed of 12 people who will complete a training programme during 100 days prior to the Universiade. The programme includes a work with the director who will teach a group to move coherent and look attractive. A separate unit of physical preparation will be needed in case of unpredicted situations. 15 more people will complete a same course in Almaty and will be sent to regions at the day of the relay in order to arrive in Almaty with the torch lighted in all regions.в Алматы зажжен факел Универсиады

Today, a test relay was held with participation of fictional characters. According to the script, during a torch relay rehearsal, a welcome speech was delivered by fake Mayor of the region, whereas the torch was carried 1 km way by fake torchbearers. It will be the one and only time when the torch was carried by people who did not take part in the selection procedure.

An equally important part of the test relay is a compilation of the interim summary of the torchbearers selection in the regions of the country. As we remind, each university was said to conduct their own selection and pass a list of 10 pretenders to Republican Committee. Besides, for those who wish to take part in the selection, there is an opportunity to fill in an application at the Universiade 2017 website.

As is known, according to approved concept each region, cities of Astana and Almaty will conduct their own lighting of the torch in the biggest university of their region. After carrying the torch through the streets of city, the best student will deliver it to Almaty where all 16 flames will be put together in one at the culmination point of the opening ceremony of the Universiade.