Universiade fire in Karaganda region was ignited by heated metal

Металлурги Темиртау зажгли Огонь УниверсиадыTorch relay was held in Karaganda region on January 26 in two cities – Karaganda and Temirtau which is the birthplace of our President NA Nazarbayev.

The total length of the route where the torch was carried is 12 km (3 km for the city of Temirtau and 9 km in Karaganda). The entire route is divided into stages, each of which is 200 meters away. A total of 60 torchbearers in torch relay were involved, 125 student volunteers, dressed in winter sports uniforms, and more than 10 000 students from Karaganda and Temirtau.Металлурги Темиртау зажгли Огонь Универсиады

At 9:00 the flame was generated in the blast furnace of iron and steel plant in Karaganda. The fire was lit in the blast furnace number 2 JSC “Arcelor Mittal Temirtau” by young steelmakers who are the students of the technical college factory where Nazarbayev used to study. Металлурги Темиртау зажгли Огонь Универсиады

From the gutter pouring cast iron. Hearth melting spends. The ally of the President Omashev Kuanish Omashevich  (the transport flask Fire), and passed it to the torchbearers – student of Karaganda State Industrial University.

The inception of the flame was broadcasted live on the screen which was established in front of the Karaganda State Industrial University, the venue of the meeting, which is held with the participation of colleagues of the President, mayor of Temirtau, and rector of the university. The fire has been brought t in the flask by the first torchbearer to this place.

At the same time, mining faculty students of Karaganda State Technical University descend into the mine and extract coal, and then deliver it to the main Fire Bowl, the Ice Palace “Karaganda Arena”.

10:00 am – a rally in the city of Temirtau, during which the fire was lit the torch bulb.

At 10:15 am relay starts at the city of miners.

Металлурги Темиртау зажгли Огонь Универсиады

12.00 – The torch was passed to Karaganda students. On the square in front of the facade of “Shakhtar” stadium tiered stage set. During the solemn meeting the mayor of Temirtau and the mayor of Karaganda passed the torch to the mayor of the region of Karaganda.

After the solemn meeting and adoption of fire Karaganda, the column started from the stadium along the avenue Buhar Zhyrau-Str. Lenin, through educational institutions of the city, monuments of culture.

12.30 – Start of the relay. The mayor of region of Karaganda Abdibekov Nurmukhambet Kanapievic opened the first torch relay.

Металлурги Темиртау зажгли Огонь Универсиады

Throughout the route torchbearers met students from universities, regional colleges. Everyone welcomed the relay.

After a technical break relay passed along the avenue Buhar Zhyrau to “Suinshi” composition, where the equestrian group headed baton, and proceeded past the flagpole to the Ice Palace “Karaganda Arena”.

Torch relay has been finished at 16:00 at the Ice Palace “Karaganda Arena”.

Throughout the route of the torch relay was accompanied by a convoy which included the vehicle for the media (machine crew and the scoring process), 3 minibuses for a group of keepers of fire and technical personnel as well as passenger buses for torchbearers and volunteers.

Also Relay Fire is accompanied by a special group of keepers of Fire, which included 12 students (4 women, 8 men) 4 courses Karaganda Academy of MIA RK them. B. Beisenova, technician.

Металлурги Темиртау зажгли Огонь Универсиады

16:00 – Ice show. A festive ice show was the culmination of the torch relay ceremony. Aspet Omar, a director from Almaty, was invited to stage the show. The dome of the ice platform was designed as a shanyrak. Spread wings were designed to reflect the spirit of the Universiade. Colours of the Olympic rings were also used on the stage.

A bowl was set on the northern grandstand where the torch was lit. Fire from the metallurgical plant and coal exctracted by the students of Karaganda Technical University were used during the ceremony.

The celebratory program at the Ice Palace began with a choreographic composition. It was named “The Way into the Light”. Young athletes in figure skating and speed skating and hockey participated in the composition.  About a hundred athletes appeared on the stage with the mascot of the Universiade – Sunkar the Falcon.

Champions of the Republic of Kazakhstan, winners of international and national competitions, master of sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan appeared on the stage. Oksana Koroleva, a famous boxer, and Konstantin Kachev, a prominent swimmer, were among them. “Asel”, a children’s vocal group performed with a song named “Champion”.

Металлурги Темиртау зажгли Огонь Универсиады

At the same time, torch relay finished at the Ice Palace. Torchbearer Alexander Kisselev, Master of Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan in athletics and a member of the national team, carried the torch to Karaganda Arena, where he was met by student volunteers. Live coverage was set up on a screen in the hall of the Ice Palace. 5 000 spectators enjoyed the ceremony.

Alexander Kisselev passed the torch to Varvara Lisichkina, a student of the Karaganda Economic University, a multiple champion of Kazakhstan among juniors in athletics, a champion of international competitions in Central Asia and Kazakhstan, and a winner of Children of Asia international competition. Her name is mentioned in Karaganda’s Golden Book of Honor where she won the young athlete’s nomination. Varvara travelled across the ice with a torch and handed it to Ablaykhan Zhussupov.


Металлурги Темиртау зажгли Огонь Универсиады

The head of Karaganda oblast Nurmukhambet Abdibekov accepted the torch. He was accompanied by a student of  Kazpotrebsoyuz Karaganda Economic University, a young champion of Asia and the world, a winner of the II Youth Olympic Games and a participant of Rio-2016, an International Master of Sports in boxing Ablaykhan Zhussupov. Students of the Karaganda State Technical University Serik Zhunussov and Nurbol Dzhusupov also took part. Head of the oblast Nurmukhambet Abdibekov lit the torch.

Omsk Ice Ballet completed the festive show with a performance.

On the same evening, at 21:15, Ablaykhan Zhunussov and a technical delegate of the Universiade boarded an Air Astana flight to Almaty with a torch in a special cask.