FISU President Oleg Matytsin: Rakhmet, Almaty for your hospitality!

Президент FISU Олег Матыцин Рахмет Алматы за гостеприимствоFISU President took part in the Universiade-2017 torch relay held in Almaty.

Torch bearer Oleg Matytsin and the accompanying team were met with applause during the penultimate leg of the torch relay. FISU President solemnly went up the stairs holding the Universiade Torch Flame and gave a welcoming speech to Almaty residents:

– Good afternoon, Almaty, rakhmet (thank you) for your hospitality! Thank you for the joy that this festive event gives to thousands of students who have come here to unite in one sporting family, the university family.  I would like to express my gratitude to Mr Nursultan Nazarbayev, the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and Mr Baibek, the mayor of Almaty, for their work that they have been doing for many years to unite people. This flame symbolizes life with which you have imbued our sporting family.

– What do you feel after completing your leg of the torch relay?

– I feel that I am part of this festive event. Together we are working on something that will benefit our youth and children.  I am proud that I am a member of this tremendous team. Thousands of Almaty residents are welcoming global sport today and I am confident that the future of Almaty and Kazakhstan is bright. What is happening at the moment will become your heritage for many years to come.

I felt so much joy while running my 100m.  Those were not the last steps but only a part of one long road along which we are walking together each of us making their own contribution. Each participant energizes this project.  I hope that this festive event will be remembered by the Kazakh people and will be recorded in the country’s history for many years to come.