A Torchbearer Karina Goricheva: The Students Games Enjoy Their Own Particular Atmosphere

Карина ГоричеваA famous Kazakhstan weight-lifter, the bronze winner of the Rio-de-Janeiro Olympic Games Karina Goricheva will take part in the Universiade 2017 torch relay in her native town Taldykorgan.

Goricheva is well aware what the Universiade 2013 was like as she participated in the summer Universiade in Kazan and won the silver medal there.  Karina has shared her expectations from the winter Universiade in Almaty with almaty2017.com.

“I am very delighted to take part in the torch relay as it means much responsibility for me.  I expect only victory from our athletes in the Universiade, I will cheer for them and feel nervous about them”, said Goricheva.

At the same time, Karina underlined that the Students Games have their own particular atmosphere.  “In Kazan there was a very kind warm atmosphere.  It does apparently differ from the competitions in other tournaments.  I remember good organisation, everything was thought out up to the small details.  I managed to watch not only the weight lifting competitions but also other sports like boxing, judo”, stated the athlete.

It stands to note that the Universiade torch relay will run through 15 cities across Kazakhstan and end up at the grand opening ceremony of the competitions in Almaty on 29 January.  In each region famous athletes, people of art and students will participate in the torch relay.