Torchbearers of Karaganda Region Have Faith in the Victory of Kazakhstani Athletes

Torchbearers of Karaganda Region Have Faith in the Victory of Kazakhstani AthletesKaraganda region will be one of the first regions to light the Universiade’s Flame after Astana.  The region will be represented by the best athletes who are looking forward to the Torch Relay and will be supporting heartily our sportsmen.

Abylaykhan Zhusupov, a World class boxing athlete, a champion of Kazakhstan, a champion of Asia 2013, a champion of the World among young men 2013 will be one of torchbearers. The athlete is the winner of the Youth Olympic Games 2014 and a participant of the Olympic Games in Rio-de-Janeiro.

As per A.Zhusupov, he will definitely go to support the Kazakhstani sportsmen at the Universiade as it is a landmark event for the country indeed.  “I believe every sportsman can win a medal.  As many Kazakhstanis do, I will go to the competitions, cheer up and support the participants.  And may good luck be on their side”, said A.Zhusupov.

Another merited torchbearer of Karaganda region will be Alexander Chizhikov, a master of speed skating of Kazakhstan, a member of the Youth National Team of Kazakhstan, a medal winner of the Kazakhstani Championship among young men and young women, the bronze medal winner of the championship of Kazakhstan among juniors and of the Winter Youth Games.

Alexander knows firsthand what battle and competitions are, and that is why as he states being a torchbearer of the Universiade is not only a delight but also a great honour and responsibility.

“I have been doing the speed skating for nine years.  I am a multi-time champion of the republic.  In addition to the speed skating, the boxing, wrestling, judo, bicycling and hockey are popular in our region as well.  The children and youth sport needs to be supported and developed in the region and more sport complexes and grounds should be built”, noted A.Chizhikov.  “I will support my country with all my heart.  I cannot make it to the Universiade, unfortunately.  But I believe in the victory of our sportsmen.  Alga Kazakhstan! (Go on Kazakhstan!)”.

As a reminder, the Relay in Karaganda region will be divided in two legs with the first one to take place in Temirtau and the second one in Karaganda.  At the Torch Lighting Ceremony in Temirtau the flame from the steel mill and that of coal from the mines where the region’s young specialists work will be merged in the city cauldron.  The second leg will be started in the Palace of Republic only to culminate the event in the Karaganda Arena Ice Palace.  The overall length of the relay route throughout Karaganda region is 12 km.

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