What you should know about the torch relay of the Universiade-2017

Руководитель отдела эстафеты огня Универсиады-2017 Кирилл ПяртельHead torch relay GF “Directorate for preparation and holding of the 28th World Winter Universiade-2017 in Almaty” Cyril Pyartel in an interview with the official website talked about the features of the relay.

– Our concept was originally positioned as a base, – began the conversation said. – Organizers of the regions have freedom of action and decide for themselves how to be lit the fire and which route will pass the baton. The origin of the Universiade flame in each city was special. Karaganda used the fire from the Steel Mill to the west used fire oil rigs. The areas of creativity, the relay does not develop a pattern, it embodies the vision of the organizers.

– Tell me, how will the fire may be conceived in the main city of the Universiade?

– Almaty will demonstrate the connection of seven elements, which symbolizes the seven sciences. Seven students from different universities will use seven chemical elements, and at the ceremony, joining them get the fire from which will be lit torch.

– What are the tasks set before you as the organizers of the relay?

– Given the current realities, we were given the task to hold the baton without fanaticism, using a more economical option. If then we have they are limited to the Olympic torch relay in Sochi each torchbearer was a torch. For all other parameters, all in the required quantity. So how we conduct student of the game, it was important to 70% of the torchbearers were students aged between 17 and 28 years who have achieved success in the fields of science, culture and sports. The rest – the stars of show business, prominent artists.

The value of the relay itself and participation in it is especially important for the regions. Almaty received the Universiade-2017 in Astana earlier held the Asian Games. When confirmed by the Republican concept of the project, we wanted to expand its geography from Almaty to the whole republic.

– Which way did the fire of the Universiade-2017?

– More than 22 thousand kilometers bulb flew on an airplane. About 200 kilometers ran, swam, rode torchbearers. So, with the torch passed on skis and pulled by husky sleigh sailed along the Irtysh, jump from a springboard and not only.

Not ready to say when in our country will be the second such relay. But we can say that 1,000 torchbearers have already entered the history of university sports.

– As held a reunion 16 lights?

– Bulbs with lights coming Universiade in Almaty and are delivered in a special storage, which is located in the heart of Athletic Village.

They take their places in the niche of the Universiade as a symbol «U» the letter. January 29 at the opening ceremony of the 16th Universiade torch bearers kindle fire, symbolizing the unity of the Kazakh students.